‚Äčabout Scott Manor house

  • Richard Uniacke, Mi'kmaq Chiefs, and Prince Edward, Duke of Kent have all visited the Scott Estate.

  • Scott Manor House is the only full two and a half storey, gambrel-roofed colonial structure in Nova Scotia, and possibly in Canada.

  • Joseph Scott, an Irishman, arrived in Halifax in 1749 with Governor Cornwallis and built his prestigious Manor House on land given to him by the King of Great Britain.

  • Adjacent are the grounds of the former Fort Sackville, a military outpost protecting Halifax, built in 1749. The museum boasts several artifacts excavated from the site.

  • The house has two mortarless, loose field stone chimney bases that still exist, despite the Halifax and Magazine Hill explosions. Those found in the Halifax Citadel have been reconstructed four times.

  • The third floor attic's hand-hewn floorboards and handmade nails are still intact. Some boards measure over 18 inches in width!

  • Scott Manor House remained a private residence until 1992.

  • Scott Manor House is a registered Provincial and Municipal Heritage Property.