- written by Bedford historians, both professional and amateur


Brookside Cemetery Corporation of Bedford
The History and Story of All Saints Anglican Church Cemetery
All Saints Church (1904 - 1979)
History of Bedford Lodge No. 104
History of Kwebec Chapter No. 27 of the Eastern Star, Bedford
My Memories of Early Bedford Schools 1952 - 1984
Bedford Schools
Bedfod Schools: 1906 -1907 Greeting - Best Wishes Souvenirs

Land Ownership in Bedford 1749 - 1850
Lister - Brockwell Lands
Waterlots - Head of Bedford Basin
Subdivisions of Bedford, 1856 -2007
Subdivisions of Bedford( Residential Development in Bedford, Nova Scotia 1954 -Present)
Selected Industries of the Head of Bedford Bay
Millcove: From Winter Cove to Salt Hill
The Parks of West Bedford Development
Development in the Ravines of Bedford South
Phase One of the Bedford Waterfront Development

The Red Cap Snowshoe Club 1871-1940
The Story of the Eleven Club
Some Memories of Scouting in Bedford
Growing Up In Bedford 1914 - 1930

Vice Admiral Harry deWolfe
The Story of Four Branches of the Hefler Family
The Story of the Willis Family
The Irish of Bedford
Wills: Joseph Scott, his wife, his son, his brother
Joseph Scott and the Scott Manor House
Irish Remarks
Families of the 1811 Census
Curran Farm
Jimmy Butler - Bedford's Tennis Star
Cemetery Walks - Noteworthy People
History of Bedford Artists
Artists of Bedford
E. J. Thompson Family

The Barrens of Bedford Reminiscences
Memoties of Railways in Bedford
The Bedford I Remember
Bedford: A Photogrraphic History
The Story of Cushing Hill
The Story of Paper MIll Lake
At The Mouth of the Sackville River 1405 Bedford Highway
Bedford's Fish Hatchery Park
The Pisiquid - ChebuctoTrail
Bedford Then and Now - Half A century of Change 1963
People, Places and Things
Dominion Rifle Range
The Bedford Post Office, 1924 - 1941
Politics in the Village 1921 - 1980
Treasure Hunting on Bedford Basin
Guarding The Railway Bridge and Mystery of the Bullets in the Belfry
Tall Ships in the Basin
Stone Walls and Picket Fences

Garment Research and Reproduction
History of 18th Century Nova Scotia
Halifax 1750 -1800