Fort Sackville Foundation Directors — 2017

June Boswell
Marie Corkum
Ken Dodsworth
Graeme Duffus
Warren Ervine
Terry Gordon
Brenton Haliburton
Diana Haydon
Valerie Ivy
Michael Kennedy
Jean MacLeod
Ann MacVicar
Debbie Miller
Dave Selig
Cherie (Tolson) Winters



Past Chair: Ann MacVicar
Chair: Jean MacLeod
Vice Chair: Valerie Ivy
Secretary: Carolyn Crowell
Treasurer: Ted Sceles

Come to Scott Manor this Summer for a Special Celebration of 150 Years of History!


Annaka Merrick is a graduate of the International Baccalaureate Program at Charles P. Allen High School. Born and raised in Bedford, Annaka will be returning to Queen’s University for her second year. She is studying political science and gender studies. Annaka is the Communications Director for Indigo Girls Kingston branch, an organization dedicated to helping young girls. This is Annaka’s first summer working at the Scott Manor House. She is excited to learn about the various artifacts found throughout the house.

Carrie Cottreau graduated from the International Baccalaureate program at Charles P. Allen High School in 2015. She is going into her third year at Carleton University, studying for a Bachelor of Public Affairs and Policy Management, with a major in Social Policy. An avid history enthusiast, Carrie is thrilled to be returning for her second summer at the Scott Manor House.

Erin Weatherbee is a 2016 graduate of Charles P. Allen High School. She is returning to Acadia University in the fall for her second year in the Business Administration program, majoring in Finance. This is her first year working at Scott Manor House and she is excited to learn about the life of Joseph Scott and his time in the house.

​​Welcome from Scott Manor!

This is a very special summer at Scott Manor House, as our programming is focused on celebrating 150years of Bedford’s history. As usual, there will be lots of music to enjoy throughout the summer. Please check our website for details. Tea will be ready every day starting July 1st from 2 to 4 pm. Come, bring family and friends to enjoy tea, oatcakes, ice cream and berries. We look forward to seeing you!


150 Forward Grants

· 2017 brings the celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. The Fort Sackville Foundation was pleased to support the Sackville & Bedford Public Libraries and Steve Warburton in their grant applications. Congratulations to both for receiving 150 Forward Grants.

Fort Sackville Foundation


The new logo for Scott Manor House is designed, firstly to be instantly recognizable. The building has a unique line, architecturally, and a “stately” presence in the landscape. The font used is Goudy Old Style and is based on a type that would have been current at the time when the House was built. The blue colour that was chosen reflects the maritime connection and gives the white house a prominent standing on the page.


A Little Piece of History

An Award Winning Author

Did you know that award winning Nova Scotian author, Evelyn Richardson, has a connection to Bedford?

Evelyn Richardson (nee Fox) moved to Bedford in 1917, at age 15, when her father, Arthur Fox, became principal at Alexandra School in Halifax. On December 7, 1917 the Halifax Explosion occurred. Evelyn had firsthand experience of the activities of that day as she was attending high school in Halifax. Evelyn wrote about her experiences and this writing is basis of a video being produced by June Boswell . The Fort Sackville Foundation is looking forward to viewing the video in December, the hundredth anniversary of the Halifax Explosion. June has edited Evelyn’s account of that day and the story will be republished by the Fort Sackville Press. This work has been made possible through a grant the Fort Sackville Foundation received from the Halifax Explosion 100th anniversary committee.

In 1926 Evelyn married Morrill Richardson. Morrill was the son of Richard (Dick) Richardson, who was well known in Bedford for his association with the lumber industry. In 1929 they moved to Bon Portage Island where they were lighthouse keepers for 35 years. This life provided the inspiration for her books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Evelyn won the Governor General’s Non-Fiction Award for We Keep A Light in 1945. The Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia honoured Evelyn by naming an award after her. Since 1978 the Evelyn Richardson Non-Fiction Award has been honouring the best  non-fiction works by Nova Scotians.


Lismer Works

· The Fort Sackville Foundation will shortly be renewing the loan of four Arthur Lismer works with the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia(AGNS). The works include three lithographs on paper: Two Ships in Rough Seas, The Departure, The Transport and one ink on paper: Sketch of Marjorie and her mother Ester Lismer. The AGNS has held these works on behalf of the Fort Sackville Foundation for over twenty years. The Fort Sackville Foundation is pleased that the AGNS has used several of these pieces in their exhibits.


Rouge et Blanc

The Fort Sackville Foundation was pleased to support Bedford Days’ Rouge et Blanc event at Sunnyside Mall on June 24th. More than 50 guests entered a draw to win a gift certificate for tea and oatcakes for two people.  The lucky winner was Debbie Merrick.

Our new Bedford Then & Now panels were on display and attracted a lot of attention from event attendees.

Georgian Tea

On June 24th many people came to Scott Manor House to enjoy our Annual Georgian Tea. They were treated to music by the Pipes and Drums of Clan Farquharson, the singing of O’Canada by Peter Baylis and some members of the Ecole Beaubassin choir.

People enjoyed tasty sandwiches, sweets and tea.

Thanks to Marie Corkum for organizing this wonderful event

Scott Manor News






100 Bedford Men Who Care

· In September 2016 the “100 Bedford Men Who Care” supported the Fort Sackville Foundation with a grant of $8200.00. Since then a Bedford Then & Now portable exhibit has been completed and will be on display at Scott Manor House throughout the summer. The Bedford Then and Now exhibit, with an accompanying guide book, will be available for community use in the future. A new high resolution computer has been purchased. The support of “100 Bedford Men Who Care” is greatly appreciated.


The change of season brings beauty to the Scott Manor House property

Chairs of Committees & Coordinators:

Archives: Warren Ervine
House: Dave Selig
Grounds: Patrick Branton
Program: Marie Corkum
Reading/Resource/Research: Ann MacVicar
Tea Room: Barb Macey
Technology: Ken Dodsworth
Curator: Francene Cosman
Communications: Sandra Winters


Members at Large:

June Boswell
Elaine Loney
Lew Turner

Help is Welcome!

The Fort Sackville Foundation depends strictly on volunteers. New volunteers are always needed and welcomed. The old adage “many hands make light work” is as true today as when first written. If you are interested, please contact us through or call 902-832-2336.

A New Roof

· Late in the fall of 2016 the main roof of the Scott Manor House was reshingled with cedar shingles, keeping with what would be appropriate for the time period of the house. The attic was also insulated at the same time. Thank you HRM for taking good care of our c. 1770 house




Since August 2016 newsletter


As Treasurer, Ted does the very important job of maintaining the books and records of the Fort Sackville Foundation.  He prepares our budget, and keeps the cash flow monitored. The Fort Sackville Foundation can be confident that our books are always up to date and accurate. Ted looks after the payroll of our summer staff, completes the Charity Information Return (Form T3010) as well as all other documents required by Canada Revenue Agency. He chairs the Fort Sackville Foundation Finance Committee.

Ted does many other jobs for the Foundation that may not fall directly under the title of Treasurer. He applies for our federal grants for our summer students. He has researched the insurance needs of the Fort Sackville Foundation and made recommendations on this issue. Ted has been very helpful in dealing with the renewal of the lease of the Scott Manor House.  He clarifies information and investigates issues with HRM.

The Fort Sackville Foundation hosts spring and fall work parties to maintain the appearance of the Scott Manor House and surrounding property. Ted has faithfully participated in these, raking leaves, cutting down brush or helping to put on or take off storm windows. 

The Fort Sackville Foundation greatly appreciates the wonderful level of service and quality of work that Ted provides. His advice is invaluable. The Fort Sackville Foundation certainly benefits from Ted’s belief that good records are important and necessary for good decisions. His patient, quiet, good natured and professional leadership is highly valued by the Fort Sackville Foundation.


Be a Part of History!

Do you have an object, document, or photograph related to Bedford that you wish to donate to the Fort Sackville Foundation? Please call 902–832–2336 or email

If you enjoy doing research, you may be interested in joining our Reading/Resource/Research group that meets during the fall and winter.


All are welcome to visit Scott Manor and view the new display Bedford Then & Now, showing changes along the old Main Road—today’s Bedford Highway. We’re proud to feature vintage photos from our collections depicting landmarks from the early 1900’s and many recent images of these sites by Lew Turner, a lifelong Bedford resident and local historian. Take a peek into Bedford’s industrial past and community life along the old Main Road. Ponder the importance of the Bedford Highway, then and now. Bedford Then & Now is a portable display, and we’re pleased to announce starting in the Fall, it will be available for loan to schools, community groups and organizations. Thanks to the 100 Bedford Men Who Care for funding Bedford Then & Now, helping us bring Bedford’s history to today’s residents. 

Annual Book Sale

The Fort Sackville Foundation annual book sale was again a great success, raising over $3,000.00. Over 20 volunteers worked tirelessly to sort, organize and sell thousands of books. The Fort Sackville Foundation would like to thank Councillor Tim Outhit, Pete’s, the Chickenburger, Sobey’s, Bedford Recreation Centre and the Lion’s Club for their support.

Thank you to Marie Corkum for organizing our ninth annual book sale.

June 2017

Jean MacLeod Chair, Fort Sackville Foundation 

Fort Sackville Foundation volunteers have worked diligently to provide you with information about our Bedford and Canadian stories. This information— presented in a time line of the last 150 years, in photos, banners, exhibits, maps, old post cards, school photos, our favourite local histories, and the art work of one of our renowned residents— Arthur Lismer.

Come often and sit with our volunteers and view everything…Perhaps you can add some information to our communal story….please do!

Did you know ?

That— fire was the biggest threat in Bedford ?

That— in 1922 the fire protection committee bought 25 red buckets, 2 ladders and a fire axe to put in four locations in the village?

That— we didn’t have fire hydrants until the 1960’s?

That— bikes didn’t have  ‘brakes’ until  1890?

That— in 1870 Canada bought Ruperts Land and the North Western Territory from Hudson’s Bay Company ?

That— the population of Bedford in Confederation year was 466. It grew by 70 people in the next 50 years?

Please come and learn more and help us fill some gaps.  You will enjoy this once in a lifetime exhibit.

Ann MacVicar 

(on behalf of the Fort Sackville Foundation researchers)

Canada’s Group of Seven Painters and the Bedford Connection

For nearly one hundred years, Canadian painting has been synonymous with the Group of Seven.  As that centenary approaches, the Fort Sackville Foundation is paying homage to the only member of the group to have lived in the Maritimes.  Arthur Lismer lived and painted in Bedford from the time he arrived in Halifax to become principal of the Victoria School of Art and Design (now NSCAD).  With seemingly boundless energy, Lismer dedicated himself not only to his duties at the school but to teaching art in the community and painting whenever and wherever the spirit moved him.  His delightful canvas titled Winter Horse and Sleigh is instantly recognizable as a Bedford scene.  Others include vibrant images of the Sackville River, iconic seaside locations around our province, and stunning, camouflaged “dazzle ships” in port and in convoy formation on Bedford Basin.  Lismer’s output includes portraits, work commissioned for the Dalhousie University centenary in 1918, pen and ink drawings of his family, a self-portrait, and whimsical sketches poking fun at art at the same time that they challenge viewers to understand its serious purpose.

With the permission and generous assistance of the Canadian War Museum, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, NSCAD, and private sources, the Fort Sackville Foundation is showcasing a broad variety of the art of Arthur Lismer at Scott Manor House, Fort Sackville Road, Bedford, August 17th to 30th.  The show opens at 1:00 pm, August 17, with a talk by Dalhousie Art Gallery Director and Curator Peter Dykhuis. And on August 24 at 2:00 pm, Freda Hemeon from AGNS will talk about the camouflaged “Dazzle Ships” seen in Lismer paintings.


Meet the Summer 2017 Staff

The Fort Sackille Foundation is thrilled to introduce Annaka, Carrie and Erin as our summer staff.
Shown here with Diana Hayden, who created the costumes the girls are wearing.


Warren B. Ervine

The Fort Sackville Foundation Volunteer of the Year 2016, Warren B. Ervine, was recently honoured with the Halifax Volunteer of the Year Award (presented by Mayor Mike Savage), and was further honoured as the Representative Volunteer of the Year by the Province of Nova Scotia,

Here being presented with his award by Lt. Gov. John Grant and Premier Stephen McNeil.

15 Fort Sackville Rd., Bedford,
Nova Scotia, B4A 2G6
(902) 832-2336


Ted Sceles

Fort Sackville Foundation Volunteer of the Year

Ted Sceles has been an active and valued member of the Fort Sackville Foundation for the past 11 years. In 2010 he accepted the position of Treasurer.